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01:00 PM – 01:30 PM ET

Driving Profitability & Sustainability with Vision AI: How to Save Time, Improve Safety & Future-Proof Your Business
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Are you struggling to stay up to date on new legislation and regulations that are currently driving the waste and recycling industry? Are you feeling the financial impact of not having a system in place that monitors and identifies contaminates in your recycling stream?

With sustainability at the forefront of business models globally, now more than ever, the waste and recycling industry is driven by ever-changing regulations and compliance requirements.

Join Recycling Today for a webinar on Today’s Innovations where AMCS expert, Matt Monroe, Senior Engineer, will provide strategies and tips on how AMCS Vision AI can help you overcome the costly aspects of both overflow and contaminates in your recycling stream, understand where they are entering (and associated time, money, and safety aspects), and the challenges of meeting compliance requirements:

• Automated Material Identification: Identify contamination in recycling material and link it to the waste producer
• Material composition analysis: Understand the granular components of the resource stream being collected/or processed at scale, loading bay, and sorting line
• Service exceptions: Assess follow-up requirements such as overloaded containers and blocked access
• Safety items: Identify hazards in the material stream and driver safety issues

Matt Monroe
Speaker Matt Monroe Senior Engineer, Routing AMCS Group View Bio

01:30 PM – 02:00 PM ET

Thriving In An Instant World Means Instant Changeability
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If you feel like you can’t operate fast enough/keep up, you’re not alone. In a world of “instant gratification,” instant does not happen soon enough. For waste haulers across commercial, roll-off, residential, and PT, being able to adapt to changes around customer needs, routes, inventory and driver issues is critical to avoiding losses and capitalizing on new opportunities. Adapting in real time is only possible with software that provides instant access to your key metrics including operational data for dispatch, inventory, time to complete routes, costs for drivers, trucks, and containers, billing and payments, and costs to serve customers vs revenue gained. However, not all software provides insights, anytime, on these metrics and more, and allows you to create your own live dashboard and run instant reports yourself, to see both opportunities and risks. With all the advancement in technology, including Artificial Intelligence, and software bells and whistles, it easy to over buy and pay for features you may never use. This session is all about understanding what information and which features, functions and capabilities are necessary, and which are not, to enable you to instantly access the data and information you need to make instant changes that will drive instant results.
Bill Bradley
Speaker Bill Bradley CEO Starlight Software Solutions View Bio

02:00 PM – 02:30 PM ET

Goodyear Tire Management
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Learn how waste haul fleets can get the most from their tires. Experts from Goodyear will discuss proven tires and retreads for waste haul applications, and how monitoring tools capture tire information, help predict potential issues with data-driven analytics and can prompt service before breakdowns occur. Discover how Goodyear’s Tire Management can help lower operating costs and streamline maintenance needs for waste haul fleets.
Cary Marr
Speaker Cary Marr Senior Manager of Insights and Business Development Goodyear View Bio
Jamie Redmond
Speaker Jamie Redmond Customer Engagement Manager Goodyear View Bio
Barb Braskie
Speaker Barb Braskie Product Marketing Manager Goodyear View Bio

02:30 PM – 03:00 PM ET

How AI Technology is Revolutionizing Today’s Waste Truck
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in the automotive and vehicle safety space. Join us for an insightful webinar as we delve into the advancements of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in waste management, specifically focusing on the revolutionary impact it has on safety for waste trucks. Discover how AI-powered technologies are transforming the way waste trucks are built and how they are operated. In this webinar, we will explore the cutting-edge technologies that can be integrated into waste trucks, such as computer vision, machine learning, and collision avoidance. Learn how these technologies enhance waste collection efficiency, reduce potential collision risks, and optimize routes. Our expert speakers will discuss the benefits of AI-powered waste trucks, including improved operations, real-time monitoring, and data-driven decision-making. Gain valuable insights into how AI is reshaping waste management practices to achieve sustainability goals and minimize safety concerns. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in waste management innovation. Register now for our webinar on How AI Technology is Revolutionizing Today's Waste Truck.
Jim Fecile
Speaker Jim Fecile Director of Truck & Off-Road Vehicles Rosco Vision Systems View Bio
Nadav Weizman
Speaker Nadav Weizman General Manager ROSCO Vision View Bio
Clayton Dean
Speaker Clayton Dean Senior Electrical Engineer ROSCO Vision View Bio

03:00 PM – 03:30 PM ET

Avoiding Nuclear Judgments
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Will Denbo
Speaker Will Denbo President Commercial Insurance Associates View Bio
Jimmy Whitehair
Speaker Jimmy Whitehair Principal Commercial Insurance Associates View Bio