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01:00 PM – 01:30 PM ET

Using AI on Collections to Drive Better Safety, Environmental, and Business Outcomes
General Session
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Are you experiencing the environmental, financial and safety costs caused by overfilled containers and contaminated recycling contents? Computer Vision, AI technology that understands and learns from deep processing of billions of images, is enabling innovative and automated solutions for waste/recycling haulers and municipalities.

AMCS Vision AI, a new tool based on AI Computer Vision, automates the processing of images of waste containers and their contents. No more dependency on the driver or office staff to record or review images.

Designed to be fitted to a wide range of collection vehicles, it can be trained to identify a wide variety of use cases such as overfilled containers and contaminated contents while allowing you to follow up on exceptions with firm evidence.

This webinar will provide valuable insights to waste collectors and municipalities in the following areas:

  • How will the technology integrate with my current collection fleet?
  • How can AMCS Vision AI identify and measure waste contamination and link it to the waste producer?
  • How can it identify overfilled containers?
  • What are the other use cases that AMCS Vision AI can be used to automate both today and in the future?
Matt Monroe
Speaker Matt Monroe Director of Routing Solutions North America AMCS Group View Bio

01:30 PM – 02:00 PM ET

Thriving in an Instant World Means Instant Changeability
General Session
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If you feel like you can’t operate fast enough/keep up, you’re not alone.

In a world of “instant gratification,” instant does not happen soon enough. For waste haulers across commercial, roll-off, residential, and PT, being able to adapt to changes around customer needs, routes, inventory and driver issues is critical to avoiding losses and capitalizing on new opportunities.

Adapting in real time is only possible with software that provides instant access to your key metrics including operational data for dispatch, inventory, time to complete routes, costs for drivers, trucks, and containers, billing and payments, and costs to serve customers vs revenue gained. However, not all software provides insights, anytime, on these metrics and more, and allows you to create your own live dashboard and run instant reports yourself, to see both opportunities and risks.

With all the advancement in technology, including Artificial Intelligence, and software bells and whistles, it easy to over buy and pay for features you may never use. This session is all about understanding what information and which features, functions and capabilities are necessary, and which are not, to enable you to instantly access the data and information you need to make instant changes that will drive instant results.

You will learn:

  1. What software elements are critical for data management
  2. What to look for in technology that will allow you to define your own metrics, build your own dashboard and run custom reports, in real time, to see where you need to adapt, quickly
  3. Key questions to ask suppliers when considering what software investments make sense for your business

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Bill Bradley
Speaker Bill Bradley CEO Starlight Software Solutions View Bio

02:00 PM – 02:30 PM ET

The Death of Transactional Insurance Buying
General Session
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Will Denbo
Speaker Will Denbo Managing Partner Commercial Insurance Associates View Bio
Jimmy Whitehair
Speaker Jimmy Whitehair Principal Commercial Insurance Associates View Bio

02:30 PM – 03:00 PM ET

Factors to consider before purchasing a nonferrous chopping line
General Session
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As pioneers in recycling solutions, SWEED engineers and builds separation systems for a variety of nonferrous scrap applications, with wire chopping lines as its specialty.

In July of this year, Sweed announced a new single-shaft shredder, the model PCR1856, to its line-up of primary chopping equipment. The new shredder is a welcomed addition to SWEED’s recycling product line, which provides recyclers with linear and bulk scrap solutions for copper and aluminum recovery.

This session will discuss factors to consider before purchasing a nonferrous chopping line, operating costs, and how to integrate existing components into new machinery. Meet the SWEED team, ask questions, and more.

Kevin Gordon
Speaker Kevin Gordon Sales Director SWEED View Bio
Christopher Simon
Speaker Christopher Simon Recycling System Sales SWEED View Bio

03:00 PM – 03:30 PM ET

Transforming Odor mitigation through Environmental Intelligence
General Session
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In April 2022, Envirosuite and Byers Scientific formed a strategic partnership blending environmental intelligence with industrial odor mitigation. A true industry first, this new partnership allows waste facilities to visualize, monitor and model odorous emissions in real-time. This innovative approach to monitor emissions and precisely target odor sources has become paramount for developing the optimum odor management strategies allowing confidence in and transparency between solid waste facilities and their neighboring communities. Join Greg Bracci and Marc Byers as they discuss the revolutionization of tackling solid waste emissions effectively through today’s leading technology.
Marc Byers
Speaker Marc Byers Founder and President Byers Scientific View Bio
Greg Bracci
Speaker Greg Bracci Vice President Envirosuite View Bio