If you feel like you can’t operate fast enough/keep up, you’re not alone. In a world of “instant gratification,” instant does not happen soon enough. For waste haulers across commercial, roll-off, residential, and PT, being able to adapt to changes around customer needs, routes, inventory and driver issues is critical to avoiding losses and capitalizing on new opportunities. Adapting in real time is only possible with software that provides instant access to your key metrics including operational data for dispatch, inventory, time to complete routes, costs for drivers, trucks, and containers, billing and payments, and costs to serve customers vs revenue gained. However, not all software provides insights, anytime, on these metrics and more, and allows you to create your own live dashboard and run instant reports yourself, to see both opportunities and risks. With all the advancement in technology, including Artificial Intelligence, and software bells and whistles, it easy to over buy and pay for features you may never use. This session is all about understanding what information and which features, functions and capabilities are necessary, and which are not, to enable you to instantly access the data and information you need to make instant changes that will drive instant results.

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